Can You Renovate During the Coronavirus?


Is it allowed to renovate during the Corona outbreak?
The answer to whether it is permissible to renovate during the Corona depends on various factors and therefore each case on its own merits.

In order to know whether your renovation can be done during the Corona, consider the following:

First we will look at what is the corona virus
As written on Wikipedia: Corona SARS-CoV-2

SARS-CoV-2 (Full Name: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2; also known as Initial Temporal: 2019-nCoV), [1] is a positive single-stranded RNA virus from the corona viral subfamily, first documented in December 2019.


Contagion from person to person occurs through close contact, especially through drops while coughing and sneezing, to a distance of about 1.8 meters. Viral RNA is also found in stool samples of infected people. It is possible, but not proven, that the virus is already infected during the incubation period. A protein model experiment indicates that the protein of the spikes of the virus has sufficient affinity to bind to the ACE2 (AN) receptors in human cells and penetrate them with a cell. [25] On January 22, 2020, various research groups from China and the United States showed that ACE2 may function as a virus receptor.

What Does The World Health Organization Says?

Corona Virus Renovation

"The Corona virus does not survive in the air," the World Health Organization states, which makes the subject of infection more clear.

As you can see, the World Health Organization says that contrary to what is being said on the social network, the Corona virus is not contagious through the air.

"In a statement that eliminates the common assumption, the experts explained that the corona virus is infecting through droplets" – which means, the virus passes through saliva or body fluids transmitted directly from person to person,of about a meter away.

According to the organization, the same drops that contain the virus are too heavy to survive in the air, and they drop to the floor or surfaces, and do not stay in the air.

Therefore, there is no danger of passing where hours some one carrying the illness passes .

Renovation during Corona

Once we understand how the Corona virus is contagious, we will go over the safety rules to avoid contamination during remodeling.

Corona safety rules during the renovation

Number of people in the apartment

The number of people in the apartment is important for knowing if there is enough space between people and to avoid transmuting the corona virus.

In small apartments, it is best to work when the apartment owners are not staying, thus maximizing the safety of the renovation area.

In order to keep the law, at least 2 meters from person to person is required, so do your calculations to see if this is possible.

Renovating During the Coronavirus
Renovating During the Coronavirus

Is allowed to refurbish during Corona

Number of people at the time of transportation

If it is a medium or large project that needs a lot of workers to be transported, the precautions should be followed and more than one person in the vehicle should be avoided, so consider additional trips if required.

Adhere to the Corona safety rules at the work site
It is very important to keep high level of hygiene on the work site during the Corona:

Workers need to work with masks and gloves that will prevent the infection of the Virus.
Hand washing and sanitizing are essential to maintain hygiene.
In addition to washing your hands, the equipment you use should be sanitizing it when needed.
When contacting furniture in the apartment, care should be taken not to touch the furniture with bare hands.
Works involving plumbing and dirt require extra caution because the corona virus also passes through wastewater and black water.

Renovation during Corona

Is it allowed to renovate during the Corona?

On the question of whether it is permissible to renovate during Corona the answer is one.
The necessary renovation can be carried out as long as the Corona safety measures are maintained and care is taken to maintain the distance and hygiene at , during and after the work.

Renovating During the Coronavirus

Of course it all depends on the contractor.
If the contractor will work by these safety rules during the renovation then there will be no injection, but if he does not obey to the laws, the chances of contamination will be higher.

What We Do

We in The City Renovators are very strict with the rules and maintain maximum hygiene at all stages of renovation.

We always prefer to do the renovation when the tenants are not in the apartment.

If this is not possible, during Corona we sanitize the equipment we use and the area we work in, wearing a mask and strictly adhering to safety rules.

If you need to make a renovation during Corona, you can contact us and make sure the renovation is done most carefully.